Have a listen to – Parshmaune

With the sad news that PITP would not be going ahead this year, I have been revisiting some of the bands from last years fundraisers and the festival. If the festival itself cannot happen then let’s try and celebrate the music that goes into it.

One particular favourite from last year is Parshmaune. I first heard of these guys because of Party in the Park and then coincidentally met Zuri (part of the collective) whilst volunteering at a different event.

They are a collective working from London who have been writing and playing together for a while now. Their music is pretty intense, deep jazz foundations with a modern flavour.

They are deliberately ambiguous in how they describe themselves – preferring to do this through an¬†absence of labels and expectations. I like that as it means you have to consider their music without help and if you are the type of person who needs to put things in boxes, you’ll have to build your own.

I find Jazz as a genre intimidating to wrap words around as I lack the nomenclature and knowledge to describe it properly. However in basic terms I can say there is a lot about these guys I like. I like the way that there is no compromising to make it more commercial and no fear of stepping outside prescribed boundaries. I find the video less considered than the music, but to me it makes the music more evocative as it gives me a reference point to latch the music onto. I feel like it expresses my own feelings at living in and travelling through London. There are a lot of complicated thoughts tied in with that, but basically feeling stimulated past saturation and rushed through something beautiful. As you can see from my crude attempts to express that through words it is extra-linguistic!

Please give them some love and attention: