Woodburner @ Dalston Eastern Curve Garden

Last night we spent a warm August evening at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden for Woodburner.
The previous Woodburner events we have attended have been at Chats Palace in Homerton, the music quality is always brilliant. First time at Dalston Eastern Curve Garden and it is the perfect setting for this time of year. The garden is nicely designed with a wooden pavilion and seating scattered amongst the flowerbeds. The whole event was really nicely done and really made me appreciate the fact it was summertime. Everything was beautiful; the music, environment and people.
There was also amazing pizza. Seriously good. A big queue and we had to wait over an hour, but it was actually worth it when it got here.

Felix Hagan was first to play. I was a bit gutted to miss some of his performance but what I did hear was a quality musician and clever writer.

I did catch Swallow and the Wolf who treated the floor-seated audience to a lovely set. A two piece based in London, I’ll definitely be seeking them out again – their performance felt oddly intimate. Both comforting and refreshing, I’m keen to hear more.



Very beautiful sounds, you can get their 3-track EP Fire in the following places:

i-tunes – http://goo.gl/3NoOxz
youtube – http://goo.gl/P0CoAd
spotify – http://goo.gl/Oq0AMJ

Next up was Shyfinger! It was a welcome surprise for us to see some familiar faces, although Matt now claims that there is a direct correlation between my proximity to people I know from Manchester and how Northern my voice is. It was my first time seeing Ellis and Biff in this particular incarnation, Shyfinger are dangerously strong – as to be bloody expected.

Here is a video of them for your ears and eyes to feast upon! It was recorded as part of the Sessions of March (a killer project created by some of my favourite people as part of a cause close to my heart).

Dalston Eastern Curve Garden is a wicked space for Woodburner and they are there every Tuesday for the rest of the summer – check out the line ups here and get yourself over!


The Secret Folk Club

Residents of Manchester rejoice, the ever wonderful Secret Folk Club is back, and it has moved from the Antwerp Mansion ballroom to Band on the Wall.

When I knew it, the Secret Folk Club was on a Sunday, usually at the end of the month, and for the Mansion staff who had been working their hearts out to house/DnB/jungle, was a beautiful piece of respite. The atmosphere was  relaxed, respectful and attentive – something to be really proud of. Rik Warren, with whisky in hand, bringing up a variety of talented and unique performers. Couches which had spent the week being danced on, having drinks spilled over and slightly smelling of vomit would be eagerly snuggled into and then coveted by those sat on the floor.

Luckily enough, Prof (one of the original Mansion founders) made some recordings of the events which you can listen to here:

Tonight looks to be a strong line up with Jim Adama as well as Ellis Davies and Rik Warren.

If you live in Manchester and you’re into folk/blues make sure you keep an eye out for these events, they’re very special.