About me:

I’m a Mancunian living in Bristol. I spend my time on events, usually music or the arts, either through Big Tree or freelance. Until recently I was involved in helping with the refugee crisis, as with a lot of people who have been out to help this took a toll and I took a break.

About this blog:

I am lucky enough to witness incredible musical talent, amazing art and all sorts of other bits I want to share. More than that, I love writing. I’m not very good at it yet, but I think it is a valuable thing to do. I had a long break from this blog around the time I started actively engaging with the ongoing refugee crisis. I wrote a lot at that time but it was either for our organisation or fell completely short of describing what I was seeing. Then for a while after many frustrated splurts of paragraphs trying to make sense of the situation, the futility of what was happening and my poor attempts to express it, I couldn’t write anything anymore. Nothing seemed to be worth writing about, or thinking about, in comparison with what was happening. Is happening.


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