Isle of Wight

London in summertime is great and all but it does feel good to get out of the city. We planned to go and visit Matt’s mother at her home on the Isle of Wight.

A characteristically stuttered start, Matt nearly missed the train, but soon we were sat down with a couple of cans of G&T (classy…) and some pasties with golden fields rushing past us. It’s a surprisingly short trip to Portsmouth and it feels like you’re in a completely different part of the world once you arrive.

The houseboat is beautiful, as you would expect when two artists built the thing themselves and then decorated it. It sits in a harbour, the sea facing end is a wall of glass doors. You sit on the balcony and let the sky, sea and wine take their effect.


It is such a relaxing place to be. Matt took me there back when we still lived in Manchester , it’s the perfect place to heal.

A couple of days after arriving we went out in the boat to Portsmouth for lunch, and then to watch the annual ’round the island’ race. Started in 1931, this is a 50 mile race around the island and people compete with varying degrees of seriousness. Over 1700 boats regularly attend from around the UK, Europe and parts of America. An impressive spectacle, it’s a lot of money and privilege to witness all in one sitting.


This little guy was there to wave us off…


Due to some massive oversight, I was allowed to drive our little boat. Feeling like James Bond, I took us into Portsmouth and managed to catch a lot of sun. Apparently even James Bond is not immune to a little sunburn.

There was a lot of walking to gorgeous places, everything smelt slightly sea stained.



We had breakfast in the sunshine and just generally chilled out, as well as working on plans for our next venue project.


Cannot wait to go back!


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