Family Time in Cornwall – Easter

Cornwall is one of my favourite places on the planet. My grandparents have lived there since I was a kid so it is where I used to spend my summers. It is peaceful and beautiful. My immediate family moved there when I was 17. No one would ever describe them as peaceful. I have five brothers, one sister and now there are ten dogs in the mix as well. There are always various family friends over and it is loads of fun to go and stay with them.


We spent Easter there this year and it was four days of intense cooking, feasting and laughing. Not to mention lots of puppy love!


We made doughnuts, cronuts, seafood linguine, bbq pork belly, bread, meatballs, brioche, pulled pork plus lots of other stuff that is bad for the waistline.  My mum and I both love cooking, and so does her friend Wendy and my aunty Eleanor who were also down, so there was a never ending stream of food. Pretty useful as the house seemed to be full of people with unending appetites.



The house they live in used to be a hotel, it is all a bit mismatched and higgledy piggeldy but it means there is lots of space for all the kids/dogs/relations to play about in.

There is also a lovely orchard for the puppies to play about on, as well as a beach nearby.





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