Have a listen to – Honeyfeet

If you live in Manchester and haven’t seen Honeyfeet live yet you are seriously missing out. I first came across them at Antwerp Mansion on a whisky laced evening a couple of years ago and have been hooked ever since.

The band consists of Rioghnach Connolly, Rik Warren, Gus Fairbairn, Ellis Davies, David Schlechtrimen and Biff Roxby – depending on the night. If you’re lucky some of their other obscenely talented friends join them for a tune. They are currently with Debt Records, a Manchester based label that fully acknowledges the fact that record labels are in part to blame for a lot of the problems with the music industry. Debt Records is also home to some of the band members’ different projects, as well as other artists worth a listen.

Most recently I saw Honeyfeet at the Elgin in London, their performance had its usual effect on me. I find myself torn between wanting to move to the music, and sitting quietly and trying to absorb it all. After a couple of drinks dancing massively won out. Rioghnach’s voice is otherworldly in its range and core, she’s channeling something powerful out of herself and from the crowd. It gets me right in my feelings every time.

The sound is folk, jazz and  blues plaited together to create something that is lively and soulful, there’s a bit of magic about it.

Have a listen –


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