An interview with – Mangoseed

Mangoseed first came to my attention whilst I was working at New Cross Inn. I was having a quick listen to all the bands who were playing that week, until I got to Mangoseed – after listening to one track I started hunting about online trying to find everything they had done. I bought their album, Basquiat, and spent the afternoon with it on repeat.

They are one of those genre fusing bands with a sound that is difficult to put into a box allowing them great creative freedom. Their music is deep, passionate and at times has a bit of an edge to it. A mish mash of metal, reggae and funk – they explore different themes and concepts mindfully, it’s intelligent and accessible. Nicholai is the lyricist and lead singer of the group, his words and voice manage to convey fear, love and hope all at the same time. It’s an experience. You combine this with the phenomenal talent of Sam, Carlos and Richard and it explains why every gig I have seen them play at has erupted into a dancing frenzy.

As someone who is proud of where they are from and aware of the violence and love that can infuse a place, Brix-Tone really stood out for me. No holds barred, powerful homage to a hometown containing conflicting ideas of a community that has been pulled apart and then pieced itself together. It kind of demonstrates why I love this band. It is the technical ability, as well as the emotional intelligence, to be able to explore uncomfortable ideas and do it in a way that is evocative and fun. Actually, fun doesn’t come close to cutting it. Their live shows are full blown party emanating from the stage and carrying the whole venue along with them. It feels like a celebration. There is a release from the tension explored.

After hounding them when they did play the venue (sorry guys), I asked them to do an interview with me. They then got their friends at TEA Films to record us doing it. I was a lot more sober the second time round.

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